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The Aspire AF replacement coils are designed to fit into the Aspire Flexus pod, which can be found in many popular vape kits. Available in a variety of resistances, each will produce a different level of vapour so you can pick between MTL (Mouth To Lung) or RDTL (Restricted Direct To Lung) vaping.

The Aspire Flexus coils feature a mesh design, which means they’ll heat your e-liquid quickly and evenly to deliver improved flavour. No matter which coil resistance you pick, we’d recommend using e-liquid which has a 50% VG or higher PG concentration.

We’ve compiled a list of vape kits and tanks that each coil is compatible with, as well as their recommended wattages. Many of the below kits feature Smart Mode, which means you won’t need to manually adjust the power level – your kit will automatically output the best wattage for you based on the AF Flexus coil you insert.


  • RDTL 0.6 ohm 15-18W
  • MTL 1.0 ohm 12 - 15W
  • MTL & RDTL Vaping
  • Mesh Build
  • Multiple Resistances
  • Compatible With 50/50 And High PG E-Liquid

These coils can be used with ASPIRE FLEXUS devices

Quick Tip: The lifespan of any atomiser heads varies greatly depending on the e liquid used, voltage passed through them (too high voltage decreases life expectancy) and the regularity of usage of your electronic device. Use high PG E-Liquids ONLY 40%PG or higher.

Please Note: This product is not covered by warranty and cannot be exchanged.


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