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Blue Digi Camo Sleeve For Limitless Mod

Original price £23.00
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Blue Digi Camo Sleeve For Limitless Mod

Limitless Mod Co keeps prospering and soaring high in the manufacturing and production of vaping devices of all sorts of kinds.

This company has been in the business and has made a name for itself by producing more quality products that almost all vapers worldwide have come to love.

They have once again increased their collection when it comes to the sleeve family collection for the Limitless Mods.

The new sleeve is called the digi blue sleeve. This is a high-quality sleeve that is blue in colour and features an array of attractive features that would convince every single vaper out there to purchase it.

This digi blue sleeve is the most recent production that is destined to take the vaping world by storm.

It is destined to be a favourite for a majority of vapers. If by any chance you were pleased by the look of the original snow camo then by default you will enjoy the look of the digi blue camo sleeve.

This sleeve is another type of a hydro dipped sleeve featuring a digital print that is navy blue in colour. This should be the number one choice sleeve for any serious vaper who is looking a quality sleeve to purchase and use.