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Blue Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

The Limitless Mod work perfectly with the Limitless sleeves.

The Limitless sleeves come in a variety of colours, and the blue sleeve is just an example of the varying types of sleeves.

This blue sleeve looks very attractive because very many people usually love the blue colour.

This is the same case with the blue sleeve; most vapers love this blue colored sleeve because it looks very attractive and is elegant in design.

For all those people who have blue as their favourite colour, then there is a new sleeve on the market that is blue in colour and will most likely fit their personalities.

This sleeve will fit almost all other Limitless Mods available on the market.

The blue sleeve is the perfect fit for your Limitless Mod and as a real vaper, it is prudent to acquire this blue sleeve for the Limitless as soon as possible.