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Cobra Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Limitless Mod Co family is ever expanding as this is an ever growing company producing high-quality products day in day out. Under the great family of Limitless Mod Co products which include the sleeves, the Limitless Mod Co Company has released yet another new product which is called the cobra sleeve which is perfect to be used with the Limitless Mod.

The Cobra Limitless sleeve is a colour changing powdered coat paint that has the capability of changing the colour from blue, to green and purple. This makes this Cobra sleeve to be loved by many users due to its uniqueness when it comes to the changing of colours.

This Cobra sleeve incorporates real beauty as well as uniqueness that is only associated with this particular type of sleeve. This device will indeed give the value for your money once you decide to purchase it.

This cobra sleeve is very beautiful when used in the dark due to its colour changing capabilities.