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Copper Patina Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The patina copper sleeve belongs to the same family as the other very many other Limitless Mod sleeves.  This sleeve is entirely made using pure copper which enhances its qualities and made it stand out over the other regular sleeves sold on the market currently.

This means that it offers the same quality of performance to the user in a similar manner to its cousins.

The Limitless Mod Co products are known for their quality services and this particular one, the Patina Copper sleeve for Limitless Mod is handcrafted in Southern California, United States of America and each sleeve made with its own uniqueness making them to be different.

Every sleeve features its own particular personality and is, therefore, one of a kind. The patina copper sleeves are usually in such a high demand due to the high quality that they feature. Most vapers look this device due the high quality and the exemplary performance that it offers.

For those who want quality, exception and exemplary performance with unique looking Limitless Mods, then make the choice of purchasing the patina copper sleeve.