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Cotton Lanyards


Brand Gorilla Vapes

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Cotton Lanyard Necklace Holder for Vape Pen

These lanyard pouch's looks great and is a convenient way to make sure your vaping device is always at hand.

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a quick vaping session, only to realise you have mislaid your device. With one of our lanyard, this can become a thing of the past and your electronic cigarette will never be further than arm’s length.

Several times a day I would leave my vaporizer in another room, on the kitchen counter, in my car, in my bedroom, or somewhere else and every time I would have to run around the house to find it. Not only that but I often lose VAPES when I go out.

Well this handy lanyard solves that problem because now my vape is always close by when I need it.

Using a lanyard also protects your device from gathering dust and being damaged or scratched – it’s a win win situation. 

This ultra-convenient lanyard holds your favourite vape pen so you don't lose it.

Perfect for slim style vape pens such as:

  • Ego CE4
  • Ego AIO
  • EVOD
  • Mr. Waxpen
  • and more!