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Crimson Skull Chief Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

The Limitless Mod Co keeps coming up with new products that fit the ever increasing demand of various vapers. This company has come up with the latest types of Mods in the market that are liked by experienced and new vapers alike.

These are the Limitless Mods. These Mods enable vapers to transform and change their vaping styles and experience as well as the looks of their Mods. One member of this huge family of the Limitless Mods is the Crimson Skull chief sleeve. This sleeve is suitable to be used with the Limitless Mod.

The crimson skull chief sleeve features a direct battery to atty connection making it one of the most efficient sleeves. It features four venting holes that become useful when it comes to venting heat.

The presence of the new revolutionary button design also makes this Crimson chief skull sleeve exceptional. This sleeve has been skilfully designed and is very ideal to be used with all your Limitless Mods.