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DOD (Day Of Dead) Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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This is an exemplary sleeve which looks entirely different from the others. The Limitless Mod Co, which is headquartered in Southern California, United States of America, came up with another new design and type of sleeve called the Day of Dead sleeve or simply the (DOD) sleeve.

This is a one of a kind sleeve which looks exceptionally unique and performs very well. This is a hand designed and crafted sleeve that comes in virtually all colours. The design of the DOD is done in such a way that it represents the day of the dead face together with a skull designed pattern featuring the Limitless triangle inside it.

The outer parts of the design feature some red roses and is known to really pop. This is indeed a masterpiece that everyone who considers themselves a real and serious vaper should possess.

For all those vapers out there who is looking for a seriously customized sleeve, then the Day of the Dead (DOD) would really make the best edition for your Limitless Mod collections.