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Gunmetal Grey Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Limitless Mods are undoubtedly the best Mods there are in the vaping world currently.

These Mods have been so revolutionised and are low-cost mechanical Mods. The grey gunmetal sleeve mod by the Limitless Mod are indeed mechanical Mods that have the capability of allowing you entirely to change the style and look of your Mod as you please.

The grey gunmetal sleeve mod is a sleeve featuring a direct connection between the atty and the battery.

This sleeve also features 4 venting holes which are useful when it comes to the venting of heat.

Should you decide to purchase this grey gunmetal sleeve for the Limitless Mod, then be assured that you are making the right decision as a vaper as you will be able to enjoy the exemplary services that this sleeve for the Limitless Mod has to offer. With this sleeve, the look and style of your Limitless Mod will be transformed forever and you will without a doubt like the new look as well as the style of your Mod.