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Hot Pink Sleeve For Limitless Mod

Original price £20.00
Current price £5.00

Hot Pink Sleeve For Limitless Mod

Another perfect matching sleeve for the Limitless Mod is finally out.

The hot pink sleeve has been manufactured by the Limitless Mod Co to be used with the Limitless Mods.

For all those people who love pink as their favourite colour then there is something new for you to look out for. This sleeve comes in a hot pink colour that will undoubtedly make you feel attracted to it.

It looks so sleek and elegant and will give you value for your money. For those looking for a replacement sleeve for their Limitless Mod that is pink in colour, the hot pink sleeve is finally here.

Make a choice of picking up this hot pink colored sleeve and achieve an entirely different design altogether. This sleeve is a ravishing sleeve coated in a hot pink powder that ensures it has the highest durability as well as a unique colour never seen anywhere before.

The hot pink sleeve will automatically give your Limitless Mod a feminine makeover. With the signature Limitless logo design laser-inscribed into the pink background, this avails a very sweet as well as a unique style for your Limitless Mod.