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Limitless Blue RDA

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Limitless Blue RDA

Limitless had manufactured yet another Limitless Mod Co to be used with the Limitless Mod. The Limitless Atomizer Blue is designed into three pieces having two negative posts inserted into the deck having an undercut beneath the negative post to provide more room for wicking as well as building.

The positive post is manufactured using solid brass to enable maximum conductivity and has an enormous rectangular window which allows for the atomizer to be built up quickly as well as large wire gauges.

The positive design is square shaped in design and dips into the deck hence eliminating the posts from spinning when being built. The Limitless Mod Blue has three very large holes that are used for adjusting the airflow to cool the coils from below; it is also possible to invert the cap upside down to be able to open to the maximum the airflow and have the coils cooled from the top.

This actually explains the reason as to why the Limitless Atomizer logo is upside, and the other logo is inverted. If you are looking for the best Limitless Atomizer then this is the one for you, try the Limitless Atomizer Blue as soon as you can.



  • This atty has a centre post manufactured using brass.
  • This Limitless RDA has a square shaped insulator.
  • It is designed into three separate parts.
  • The cap of this Limitless RDA is Chuff styled.
  • The pin of this Limitless RDA is firmly secured using the innovative O-ring.
  • Copper metal has been used to make the pin utilized in the Limitless RDA
  • The negative posts of RDA are properly machined.
  • Huge e-liquid tank.
  • Has big holes with the capability of accommodating all gauges.
  • The availability of the undercut enables additional cotton to be used.
  • Limitless RDA has a cap that can be flapped for inflow.