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Limitless Mod 24KT Gold Plated Body


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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This is yet another fantastic product that the limitless company has introduced into the vaping world. This is actually the limited edition 24kt Gold plated mod. This is a limitless mod that is made using brass with 24kt gold plating covering the entire mod having a brass Indian skull button. For anyone looking for a unique limitless mod, then this is what you should go for. This mod came out very flawless and works greatly with any available sleeve options.

Specifications and features of the Limitless Mod 24kt Gold plated body.
The Limitless Mod 24kt Gold plated body features the following characteristics.

• It has a direct to atty connection to provide the ultimate conductivity with the venting holes.

• It is possible to transform the colour of the mod by just changing the sleeve. With the quick and easy change, you basically have a brand new mod.

• It features an innovative rail system on the button as well as the button housing hence making the ultimate contact for negative conductivity.

• The button is your contact which makes the contact housing to be the largest contact in the marketplace right now.

It is advisable not to run any tanks on the Limitless Mod 24kt gold plated body as this could be very dangerous.