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Limitless Mod Aluminium Body


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Limitless Mod Aluminium mod is a very new mod in the e-cigarette world. It comes with a revolutionary designed button which is recessed and a sturdy stainless steel spring for a smooth button throw.

The design of the sleeve Mod by Limitless mod button design is a creative mechanism using a 4 point rail system for grounding hence ensuring that your button slides up keeping your contact aligned for the best connection.

Any hot-button issues are eliminated courtesy of the new design. The one piece button and contact design is yet another innovative design with your button acting as your contact.

This is a true hard hitting mod by having the amount of parts and threats reduced hence having the voltage dropped too.

The adjustable Delrin battery that can be adjusted for different size batteries and can protect the battery from short-circuiting too.

Features of the Limitless Mod Aluminium Body.

• It is made using a 7017 grade Aluminium.
• It is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
• Has an adjustable Delrin battery.
• Has a direct battery to atty connection for a very minimum voltage drop.
• Features a revolutionary 4 point rail system.
• Features replaceable sleeves for an entirely new look and feel.
• It is cheaply affordable and is hard hitting.
• Features a one piece button.
• Has optional upgrades for better performance.

Note: This is the body only sleeves sold separately

*WARNING* This is a Hybrid Mechanical mod. This Mod is for VERY EXPERIENCED vapours ONLY! *CAUTION*