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Limitless Mod Brass Body


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The brass sleeve Mod body by Limitless is among the newest and much-revolutionized mods in the e-cig market right now. The limitless mod brass body is a low-cost mechanical mod capable of allowing you to transform the look and style of your mod with a limitless number of sleeve options. This Limitless Mod brass body is an all brass mod having a direct battery to the atty connection on the top 510 having 4 venting holes used for heat venting.

Package Contents of the Limitless Mod Brass Body.

Listed below are some of the things to expect in the packaging after purchasing this Limitless Mod Brass body.
• One limitless mod brass sleeve.
Features and Specifications of the Limitless Mod Brass Body.
The following are the amazing features of the Limitless Mod Brass Body,
• It features and adjustable Delrin ring.
• It is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
• It features a recessed button.
• Has a four-point rail system.
• It features a design protection against “hot button’ issues.
• It has a one piece button design with the button acting as a contact.
• Has a low voltage drop.
• Hard hitting.
• It has a brass design.
• Has a direct atty construction for ultimate conductivity with venting holes.

Note: This is the body only sleeves sold separately *WARNING* This is a Hybrid Mechanical mod. This Mod is for VERY EXPERIENCED vapours ONLY! *CAUTION*