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Limitless Mod Platinum Plated Copper Body


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Limitless Mod Company has decided to take their skills to a whole new level. The company has come up with a unique and new design of the Limitless Mods. The new Limitless Mod is the limitless copper Mod, which has been platinum plated. The limitless platinum plated Mod is here with us.

The first ever mod that is plated using platinum. We decided to plate all our copper limitless Mods to enhance their conductivity. This is because platinum is a material with is excellent in conduction and looks great at the same time. We laser engraved our trademark Indian skull chief logo on the limitless copper button. This whole setup is the Bentley of all mechanical mods and conducts highly.

Due to the high wholesale demand of the copper platinum plated limitless mod, only a few are available at the moment so it is a high time you should purchase one before they get out of stock. *Never polish the mod coated using platinum as the coating could peel off. * The platinum plated limitless copper mod comes with an Indian chief copper button with no serial number.