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Ohana Black Aluminium Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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This is a sleeve that is entirely manufactured using pure aluminium. Ohana aluminium black sleeve is one of the newest sleeves that has joined the large family of the different types of sleeves manufactured by the Limitless Mod Co.

The design of this Ohana aluminium black sleeve was actually inspired by some group of customers who used to purchase Limitless Mod Co products. These customers lived in Hawaii and this makes the Ohana aluminium black sleeve not just a tribal sleeve design but more than that.

Since a Hawaiian native actually inspired the design, then all the patterns, as well as designs on the sleeve, have some meaning in the Hawaiian culture. This Ohana aluminium black sleeve is made using natural wood and is an ideal example of a wood made sleeve

This type of sleeve takes a lot of time to construct and therefore is usually not produced in very large numbers making its inventory to be always limited. For those in search of an island style sleeve, from the Hawaii Island to be used with your limitless mod then the Ohana sleeve is the perfect solution!