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Orange Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

This is the new orange colored sleeve for the Limitless Mods manufactured by the Limitless Mod-Co. This sleeve is suitable for all those who love the orange colour. The orange colour makes this sleeve look absolutely beautiful and attractive.

It is impossible to resist purchasing this sleeve as one will instantly fall in love with its elegant and sturdy design and buy it straight away. Its sleeves are anodized. This sleeve will perfectly match your Limitless Mod and give it an entirely distinct look that will be totally unique to your Limitless Mod only.

This sleeve is suitable for those vapers who want to look different from the common vapers in having a unique sleeve.

This orange sleeve is made using an orange powder coating that is used to coat the body of the sleeve making it totally durable and long lasting. This sleeve will without a doubt give you value for your money.

If by any chance you have been worrying yourself a lot about which sleeve to purchase for perfectly fit your limitless Mod, this is the sleeve to go for.