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Psychedelic Cloud Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

The sleeves for the Limitless Mods produced by Limitless Mod-Co come in very many colours.

These enable users to have the capability of changing the sleeves to their favourite colours that match their personality as well as their vaping styles. The red sleeve is among some of the colours in which these sleeves are availed.

This red hot style sleeve is unique and attractive and will make many people feel like purchasing one. This red sleeve for the Limitless Mod has a classy design and is very elegant. It features a unique red pattern that makes it stand out of the rest.

This is the best sleeve to acquire for your Mod if you want your Mod to look stunningly beautiful.

For those vapers who want to look unique as compared to other vapers, this is the ideal sleeve that you should have in mind while shopping for a sleeve to match your Limitless Mod.