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Silver Plated Springs For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Limitless MOD has been upgraded. The Silver Plated Springs have been introduced to update the Limitless MOD so as to avail the best performance for those specific users who operate high-performance sub-ohm atomizers. The main reason as to why the idea of the silver plated springs has been introduced is to ensure a reduction in the amount of current travelling back to the button as well as absorbing most of the heat. With the help of silver plated springs, the voltage drop can be lowered, and the performance of the sleeve mods can be increased as well. The silver plated springs will give your Limitless Mod a new shiny appearance that is both attractive and has aesthetic value. These springs will make sure that your Limitless Mod becomes one of the most efficient and highly reliable Mods present in the vaping world. These are the ideal springs to buy for your Limitless Mod.

The Silver Plated Spring For the Limitless mod is a great performance upgrade for users who runhigh performance atomizers at sub ohm. The reason behind the silver plated spring is to reduce the amount of current that travels back to the button and absorb the heat. Silver plated springs can help lower voltage drop and increase performance in your sleeve mods.