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Tiffany Blue Bandanna Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

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The Bandanna Tiffany blue sleeve is one of the newest sleeves for the Limitless mods. This sleeve comes in a blue colour as the name suggests.

This sleeve looks elegant and has a unique and stylish design that most vapers would like to associate with. As is the same case with most other sleeves for limitless mods, this Tiffany blue bandanna sleeve has been carved using the newest laser technology. The carving has been made into the paint making it look so elegant and stylish.

This sleeve is unique and will automatically make you stand out of the rest when compared to other people who use the other common mods sold on the market. If you choose to purchase and use this Bandanna Tiffany blue sleeve for the limitless mod, then you are assured of nothing but quality and durability.