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Zombie Green Bandanna Sleeve For Limitless Mod


Brand Limitless Mod Co

The Limitless ModCo has continued to uphold its highly regarded legacy when it comes to the manufacture and production of high-quality vaping products.

This is why the company has added another member to the large family of Limitless sleeves to provide vapers with even bigger types of sleeves to choose from.

The company has come up with the Zombie bandanna green sleeve. This sleeve is also suited to be used with the Limitless Mods as has been the case with the others.

With this particular sleeve, one is assured of the capability of transforming the look and style of their vaping to be best one.

This Zombie green bandanna sleeve will transform the look of your Limitless Mod and make it look extraordinary. All vapers whether beginners or experienced vapers would most likely fall in love with this particular sleeve.

This is because the sleeve looks incredibly beautiful.  For any vaper who might be looking for a replacement sleeve for their Limitless Mods, this should be your first choice.